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This re-mind will help you to stop your bruxism (teeth grinding and yaw clenching) using the Habit Reversal Training method. Use the re-mind for at least 6 hours per day (the more the better!)

You will notice the difference already after a few days! But realise that you took years to learn bruxism. It will take  at least 5-7 weeks to fully unlearn it!


How to use?

Step 1

Press the button shortly to switch the re-mind on (vibrates once) or Off (vibrates twice)

Step 2

Wear the re-mind in your pocket, a wristband or simply put it on the table

Step 3

When you feel or see the re-mind vibrating: relax your yaws and gently place your tongue against your palate


Learning curve

The re-mind has a built-in learning curve that reminds you approx. 9 times per hour to relax your yaws. Over a period of several weeks, these re-minders will occur less often, as your learning increases. 

This way you will unlearn your teeth grinding and yaw clenching behaviour and replace it with a healthy and relaxt yaw and tongue posture. After weeks it will become your new habit and, using the re-mind, you will fully automate this new habit!

Choose your own program

The re-mind has has the option to choose an interval to your own liking if you do not wish to use the learning curve:

Interval settings

1. Intensive (1,5 min) 
2. Frequent (3 min)
3. Regular (6 min)
4. Normal (12 min)
5. Supporting (24 min) 
6. learning curve

To switch the re-mind interval setting:

Step 1

Keep the button pressed until the re-mind vibrates

Step 2

Choose a setting. For example, press 4 times to choose the setting “Normal”

Step 3

The re-mind vibrates the new setting (i.e. 4 times for “Normal”)

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Set vibration intensity

If you want the re-mind to vibrate longer, so you can feel it better, do the following:

Step 1

Press and hold the button until the re-mind vibrates

Step 2

Again, press and hold the button until the re-mind vibrates

(To switch back to normal duration, repeat this procedure) 

Changing the battery

The battery will last for approx. 3 months when using the re-mind daily. When you notice the vibrations getting weaker, you need to replace the battery. Do this by using a wooden skewer to open the lid, replace the battery and close the lid again by firmly pressing it.

The battery type is CR2032 and is available at any supermarket or online. 

The video below shows you how to replace the battery (Dutch language)